Wine and Tacos at Cardamon Family Vineyards

This past weekend my friend and I decided to head over to Northern Virginia to taste some wine. On our drive, we saw a cute boutique Cardamon Family Vineyardswinery with a sign out front that said, “Tacos”. We looked at each other, and instantly the wheels started turning. Who could want anything more than wine and tacos? At Cardamon Family Vineyards, you get just that plus more!

About Cardamon Family Vineyards


Cardamon Family VineyardsCardamon Family Vineyards

The micro-winery is located in Purcellville, Virginia. This northern Virginia location is right over the lines of both Maryland and West Virginia. Cardamon Family Vineyard has a half-acre of grapes planted in their front yard. The rest of their grapes are sourced from other neighboring wineries. The tasting room is a room off the owner’s house, and it has a large bar to do the tastings. They have a great big front porch facing the beautiful hillsides for visitors to relax and enjoy their wine. This winery makes you feel like you are right at home, you may not want to leave.

Wine Tasting

Cardamon Family Vineyards Wine and Salsa Pairing

Cardamon Family Vineyards offers a truly unique wine tasting experience. Have you ever paired your wine with salsa? At this winery you will! The tasting included five wines, four of which were paired with their homemade salsas. The motto for the tasting is, “Sip, Dip, Sip.” You first sip your wine, then dip your chip in some salsa and try it, and then sip again. Trying the salsa in between sips brings out different flavors in the wine, just as it would if you paired the wine with cheese or chocolate during a tasting. The salsas are all homemade specifically for each wine they are paired with. Since these salsas are made to pair with the wines, they are made from less common salsa ingredients. For example, one of the salsas main ingredients was beets, and another’s was apples.  I love the fact the Cardamon Family Vineyard came up with an interesting way to experience their wines by pairing them with a food that would probably seem unusual at most other wineries.

Salsa pairing at Cardamon Family VIneyards



After our tasting, it was time to order tacos and relax with a glass of wine! You can get two tacos for seven dollars and you can mix and match the kind you want. On the taco menu they had pork, chicken, fish, and sweet potato tacos available. I tried a chicken and a fish taco. My friend had a fish and pork taco. The fish tacos had a little bit of a spicy kick to them, but were flavorful and delicious. The chicken taco was excellent, with a mild tomato base salsa and fresh cilantro on top. My friend said the pork taco was also very good. You can also purchase any of their homemade salsas and some fresh homemade chips to go with them.

Fish and Chicken Taco at Cardamon Family Vineyards   Fish and Pork Taco at Cardamon Family Vineyards   Chips and Salsa


Go to Cardamon Family Vineyards for the wine and salsa pairing. Stay for the Tacos! Relax and enjoy some wine, tacos and salsa on the front porch, along with the beautiful scenery. Have a great time and enjoy.

Wine and Salsa


6 thoughts on “Wine and Tacos at Cardamon Family Vineyards

  1. This might literally be my life. Tacos, wine, chips and salsa are my reason for living. LOL I write alot about wine on my site too. I went to college in DC and a couple of years ago we went back and did go to some VA wineries. Beautiful views in the mountains!

    1. That is pretty much my life too! I just want to live there! lol

  2. I just went on a trip a few weeks ago and did wine tasting for the first time at Wineries. It was SO much fun. I gained a new found appreciation for wine. Your trip looked great!

    1. Wineries are a lot of fun, I hope you get to some more!

  3. You had me at wine and tacos… Two of my very favorite things! What a great vineyard, I hope to visit someday.

    1. They are two of my favorites also! 🙂

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