Hello! I am Alicia, founder of Cork and Fork Aficionado! I have lived in Frederick County, MD practically my whole life. If you could not tell by the name of this blog, I love wine and food. I decided to start Cork and Fork Aficionado, so I could share with everyone my exciting food and wine experiences.

I enjoy traveling to different wineries to learn about the different varieties of grapes they grow and their wine production process. It is very interesting to me to see what varietals of grapes thrive in different regions and how they differ in taste from climate exposure and production. I have also found a great fondness of food over the years (I am pretty sure I picked it up from my husband, who would probably eat absolutely anything 😉 ).  Before my husband I would have been fine with making myself a bowl of cereal for dinner, now I love to try new recipes or new restaurants!

Aside from drinking and eating you will find me kayaking, going for hikes, working on crafts, reading, and traveling to new places. I also absolutely love planning parties and events (probably because they usually involve my above mentioned favorites), but in all honesty I really do like to plan and organize 🙂 !

I hope you enjoy reading about my wine and food adventures and it inspires you to head out to your local winery, try a new restaurant in town, or travel someplace new!