Rock Salt Grille – Westminster, MD

Over the weekend we went out to my husband’s hometown of Westminster, Maryland to celebrate his mom’s birthday. For my mother-in-law’s birthday celebration we went to a new restaurant in Westminster called Rock Salt Grille.

About Rock Salt Grille

Rock Salt Grille just opened their doors this past November.  The restaurant’s menu contains mainly seafood dishes, and they are the town’s only raw bar. Inside the restaurant is decorated with Maryland themed decor. They have a large bar area and ample dining room seating.

Rock Salt Grille - Westminster, MD

On The Menu

I love seafood, and there were so many delicious options to choose from on the menu. Rock Salt has a menu to please your palate no matter what you are in the mood for, even if it may not even be seafood. Everyone at our table ordered something different, and I think we all took a taste of at least one other person’s food too. With all the tasty sounding options on the menu, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to try. I was not sure if I wanted the “seafood club”, the “fish tacos”, or the “seafood quesadilla”. They all sounded like excellent choices.

Our Food

I finally decided on the “seafood club.” To my surprise the sandwich was humongous! It was loaded with shrimp salad, and topped with a crab cake, along with bacon, lettuce and tomato in between toasted bread. It also came with a side, you could choose between fries, potato salad and coleslaw. I chose to try the potato salad and it did not disappoint.

Seafood Club - Rock Salt Grille   Potato Salad - Rock Slat Grille - Westminster, MD

My husband had the “rock fish bites” and half and half soup. Half and half soup is the best of both worlds, half Maryland crab soup, and half cream of crab soup. I tried his soup and it contained a lot of crab meat. I judge restaurants on how much crab meat is in their Maryland crab soup, and Rock Salt Grille passed with an A+ in my book!

Half Maryland Crab and half Cream of Crab Soup    Rock Fish Bites - Rock Salt Grille

My mother-in-law had the “Chesapeake salad”. It consisted of mix greens topped with crab meat and shrimp, served with Rock Salt’s old bay ranch!

Chesapeake Salad - Rock Salt Grille - Westminster, MD

My father-in-law had the “panko fried oysters” and “old bay onion rings”.  We all dug in on the onion rings and they were pretty tasty.

Fried Oysters - Rock Salt Grille - Westminster, MD    Onion Rings - Rock Salt Grille - Westminster, MD


If you love seafood and are in the Westminster area, or feel like taking a ride out to Westminster, I definitely suggest trying out Rock Salt Grille. They have many delicious seafood options on their menu and they are located in the downtown area on Main Street. I will certainly be going back to try the other menu items that I could not decide between the other day. Let me know if the comments below if you have been, or if you do go, and what you got to eat! Cheers!

Rock Salt Grille - Westminster, MD

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