New House – Projects, Unpacking and Finally a Party!

Hi Everyone! Sorry I have been MIA on the blog posts for a few weeks. I have been very busy getting our new house in order. My husband and I have spent many weekends painting and unpacking boxes.  We have also spent time working on some projects for our new house. And of course I have been shopping!

Entertainment Center

At our new house we needed a new entertainment center. We searched a few furniture stores but could not find anything that was to our exact liking. After searching for ideas on Pinterest and a few trips to Lowes, we came up with a plan to build our own entertainment center.  My husband and my brother-in-law built this awesome entertainment center for our basement rec room. We stained the top a dark walnut color and painted the base white. It is a perfect fit for our room!

Entertainment Center  Entertainment Center


I have been doing some shopping on the weekends in between unpacking to find items that we still needed for the house. We purchased new bedroom furniture from Tuscany Designs in downtown Frederick, MD. The two night stands and dresser we got from there look fantastic in our new space.

I also have to admit I am addicted to HomeGoods. I called my husband from the store the other day to ask him what kind of lamps he would like for our room. I did not tell him where I was when I called but as I was talking to him the first question he asked was “Are you at HomeGoods?” My answer was of course “Yes I am.”  I have had a lot of fun finding new items for our house!

Shopping for our new house at HomeGoods


Once we had everything unpacked and our pictures hung on the walls it was time to invite some people over to createHousewarming Door Banner some new memories. This past weekend we set out some snacks and opened our door to our family and friends. I had found a cute sign on Pinterest and recreated it to invite our guests into our house. It said, “Our welcome mat is out just like before but now we have a brand new door. We out grew our old house, there wasn’t enough space. So come on in and see our new place!”

We really enjoyed showing our family and friends around our new house. We are very excited to be making new memories here for many years to come!


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