March – Maryland Wine Month

Earlier this month I mentioned on my Facebook page that this month is Maryland Wine Month!

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Maryland Wine Month

The Maryland Winery Association has named March as Maryland Wine Month. This month will be dedicated to promoting and educating wine drinkers about Maryland wine. The wineries will have special events and promotions going on throughout the month. Some wineries will be participating in the Winemaker Seminar Series. This series is set up to engage the winery visitors in the wine making process and help them learn more about Maryland wine production. Certain wineries will be hosting these events and the topics will vary. Follow this link to the Maryland Winery Associations website to learn more and find a winery near you with a topic you would enjoy learning about.Maryland Wine Month

The Maryland Winery Association has also created a Maryland Wine Month Challenge. To participate in this challenge you can pick up a playing card at any of the participating wineries or print one off of Maryland Winery Association’s website before you head out to the wineries. Visit as many wineries as you can this month and get your playing card stamped by each. Turn in your card to the Maryland Winery Association by April 10th with at least 5 stamps on it to win some great prizes!

Maryland Wine Month

Going to the Wineries

Visiting the wineries is a lot of fun and a great way to taste a variety of wines. Maryland has many growing regions that give us a diverse mixture of wines. If you have a Merlot grown in central Maryland it will be very different from the Merlot grown in southern Maryland or out on the Eastern Shore. Our climate and soil composition varies significantly  throughout the state; it allows the same varietals to have different characteristics solely based on where it was grown. To me it is very interesting to see the differences that Maryland wine makers are able to produce. It is a great learning experience to go out o the wineries and talk to the wine makers and learn about their wine production process.

Maryland Wine Month

Maryland Winery Groupons

I have compiled a list of available Maryland winery Groupons below for those of you heading out to the wineries this month and would like to save some money. Click on the name of the winery to see their Groupon!Maryland Wine Month

Elk Run Winery – Located in Mt. Airy, MD

Basignani Winery – Located in Sparks, MD

Olney Winery – Located in Olney, MD

Running Hare Vineyard – Located in Prince Frederick, MD

Royal Rabbit Vineyard – Located in Parkton, MD

Legends Vineyard – Located in Churchville, MD

Far Eastern Shore Winery – Located in Easton, MD

Great Shoals Winery – Located in Silver Spring, MD

Fiore Winery and Distillery – Located in Pyelsville, MD

DeJon Vineyards – Located in Hydes, MD

Triple Creek Winery – Located in Cordova, MD

Chateau Be Du Winery – Located in Chesapeake City, MD




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  1. I always enjoyed visiting all the different wine places. Plus the views are always drop dead beautiful.

    1. Yes, wineries do have beautiful views!

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