Forest Friends Baby Sprinkle

I am super excited to let you all know that I am going to be an Aunt, AGAIN! I already have an adorable niece and now I have a nephew on the way too. He will be here in just a few short weeks. Over the weekend I threw my sister a Baby Sprinkle (since this is baby #2) and the theme was Forest Friends.

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Forest Friends

My brother-in-law is into hunting, and I am sure my soon to be nephew will be as well. My sister and brother-in-law have already set up the nursery, which has a deer theme. I thought a forest friends theme for the shower would be fitting. I was able to find many cute items that had deer, foxes, bears, squirrels, raccoons, etc. The possibilities for this sprinkle were endless! After picking a few things I wanted to do, I went to work decorating.

I loved the idea of displaying baby clothes on a clothes line as decoration for the party. I found a pack of onesies that went with the forest friends theme and the baby’s nursery color scheme and hung them on some rope with clothes pins. It was very easy to do and made a great focal point. I also had found the “Don’t Moose with Me” outfit and I just could not resist getting it because it was so adorable. What is it about baby clothes that make you want to buy them all?Forest Friends Onesies Clothes Line

Diaper Cakes

I love making diaper cakes to give as gifts at baby showers. For this diaper cake I was able to find the forest friends cabin with stuffed animals on Amazon.  It made a perfect cake topper and decorations for on the cake. Making a diaper cake is very simple, and can be done fairly quickly. My trick is not rolling each individual diaper. See my steps below to put together a diaper cake:Forest Friends Diaper CakeHow to make a diaper cake

  1. Start with a cardboard base. I like to get actual round cake bases from the craft store.
  2. Take a chunk of diapers and line them up to make a circle and kind of swirl them together.
  3. Take curling ribbon or twine and tie your layer of the cake tightly together.
  4. Make as many layers as you want for the cake. Just be sure to make each layer a little smaller than the one before it.
  5. Cover your curling ribbon or twine with a larger ribbon that will go with the theme of your cake.Diaper Cake
  6. Decorate your diaper cake with fun toys or accessories that fit your theme. (Examples of other cakes I have made are below.) If you like the stuffed animals with carriers click this link. Amazon has a lot of carriers and animals to choose from.

Barn Yard Diaper Cake     Girly Girl Diaper Cake

Food and Games

I decided not to have any games at this baby sprinkle. For a fun activity though I put out the extra diapers I did not use for the cake to let the guests write a message for the Mom and Dad during their late night diaper changes. The food spread consisted of pinwheels, fruit, pasta salad, meatballs, cheese and crackers. Pretty much all the traditional shower foods :). For dessert we had a buffet of goodies, all homemade by one of my mom’s very good friends. Everything was delicious!

Baby Shower Food  Dessert Table

The shower turned out wonderfully. I had a lot of fun planning and prepping for the event. I cannot wait for my nephew to make his entrance into this world!Baby Sprinkle

If you have any questions on how to get ready for a shower/sprinkle or how to make a diaper cake, feel free to ask me in the comments below or send me an email!

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